NWA Supreme is sanctioned by the oldest sanctioning body in professional wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance. Located at 2520 Lanier Drive in Madison Indiana, 47250,NWA Supreme has weekly shows every Saturday night. The doors open at 6:30 P.M.with a 7:30 Bell time. Tickets are only $7 dollars for these weekly events. We also film for the weekly Youtube show, NWA Supreme Last Word! Along with our weekly events, we often have events on Fridays at various locations. Stay tuned to this site for updates on these events as well as our Facebook page.


Huge Event Announced

It was announced on our Facebook page (link can be found at the bottom of this page) that a huge event for NWA Supreme will take place on Friday, September 29th. NWA Supreme presents Logan's Army from North Vernon, Indiana. At this huge event, NWA United States Champion "Big Time" Josh Lewis defends his NWA United States Championship against former world heavyweight Champion and GFW/Impact/TNA wrestling star, "The Monster" Abyss. Also on this show, NWA Supreme Heavyweight Champion "Custom Made" Eric Draven defends the championship against Yukon Mike. NWA Supreme Women's Champion Hayley Shadows, fresh off her match on WWE SmackDown Live!, defends the title against Scarlet.

Huge Announcement About the Future of Wrestling in Madison, Indiana

NWA Supreme Owner Jeremy Beavins was on hand for the 20th Anniversary show and had a huge announcement about our future. He announced as of October, we will be severing ties with the National Wrestling Alliance. After a 2 year partnership, both sides felt that a change was needed, as the NWA has a new owner and is going in a different direction with the NWA. To move forward, we felt we needed to have our own identity. Coming in October, look for our new logo and name, as well as a new name for this site. We hope the fans of Madison, Indiana and the surrounding areas will like our new direction as we continue to bring you the great wrestling action you have come to expect from us for the past 20 years!

Surviving the Steel 2017
It has been announced that NWA Supreme's annual Surviving the Steel event will take place on September 15, at the Supreme Arena. There will be two huge steel cage matches on this night. In the first match, new NWA Supreme Heavyweight Champion "Custom Made" Eric Draven defends his championship against "Big Time" Josh Lewis, and in the main event, an 8 man Surviving the Steel Match. The rules are that two men enter, and at timed intervals, the other competitors enter the match. Once all 8 men are in the cage, eliminations can begin by pinfall and submission. The match continues until only one man is left. The eight competitors for this match are: "Tailor Made" Roger Malcolm, "One Man Militia" Johnny Justice, "Superbeast" Rob Royale, Leon Elliot, "The VIP" Nic Noble, Angus Barnett, "The Hollywood Giant" Tommy Cash, and "Vivacious" Van Martigan.

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